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lettera copia


correspondence : the action of writing, receiving, and reading letters, especially between two people / a connection between two things




Dear All,

I’d like to tell you about an artistic project I’m working on entitled corrispondenze (correspondence).

I am creating a series of works based on identity and anonymity. I’m asking people I know to send me anonymous letters, which, depending on the contents of the letter, I will make modifications to. Thus, the end result will be a series of works made by you and me.


In the making of these letters there are no rules to follow neither in the form nor the content.

Therefore you could send me love letters, death threats, blackmail, and who knows what.

You could send letters that are a complete work of fiction or that actually represent reality.

The letters could be written in italics, in capital letters or with your left hand; you could use fake handwriting, newspaper clippings, and the language can be Italian or any other.

I may find photos, drawings, or objects in the envelope.

You may decide to go against the rules of letter-writing, but the important thing is that you don’t sign it or write you name on the envelope.

If for some reason I manage to guess who the sender is, either because of the content or the location it was sent from, this wouldn’t be a problem because it’s the structure and the function of an anonymous letter I’m interested in and in particular the absolute freedom that derives from anonymity and the ambiguity it can create.- tuo luca

Not being responsible for what one writes allows us to be completely honest or maybe to lie and slander without mercy.
Anything is possible and I will interpret and change the sense of  each letter however I see fit.

I thank you in advance for taking part in my project and whoever encourages others to participate

I know it will take up your time and effort.


Letters should be sent to this adress:

Luca Valerio

via Arrigo Davila 112

00179 Rome






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